Michiyo Himuro (kangminbread) wrote,
Michiyo Himuro

Monday Promise [3/5]

Title: Monday promise
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: KangMin,  Kyumin, a little bit of Kanghae
Warnings: Alternative Universe.
Word count: 2157
Summary: Sungmin and Kyuhyun accept the challenge of seducing each other to decide who is the most sought out guy at their insurance company, they decide to date each other, the one that falls in love first loses. Youngwoon is Sungmin's childhood friend and has been in love with him for a long time already, yet had never had the nerves to confess. Upon seeing Sungmin going to the arms of another male, Youngwoon asks Sungmin to promise to keep his Mondays to 'best friends time' and Sungmin agrees. Sungmin's Mondays become Youngwoon's, but would one day be enough to express his feelings when Kyuhyun has the rest of the week?
A/N: Third chapter ^^

Sungmin was purposely late the next day. Not so much as to have his macchiato to be cold, but enough to pass by the coffee shop on his way to his rounds by the time Youngwoon would still be having his breakfast. He wanted to nag at Mina for making up stories about Youngwoon being gloomy in the morning and ask her why she was threatening his friend awake other than to wake him up gently, but to his surprise Youngwoon was actually gloomy.

The older male was sitting alone at their usual table, he was drinking from his cup of coffee with a gloomy pensive expression, in front of him was the usual blackberry muffin he would slowly devour along with the coffee, but what really caught Sungmin’s attention was the fact that there was also the honey bread Sungmin used to eat. Sungmin was about to enter the shop when Kyuhyun called for him.

“Why were you standing there, yeobo?” Kyuhyun asked with a small tease to his voice. Sungmin quickly collected himself and smiled. “I was thinking of buying a snack for later, jagiya, and also say hello to my bestie that is still having his breakfast.” Sungmin pointed at Youngwoon who was suddenly not alone anymore, Donghae was sitting with him and they were talking. “What about we hunt some contracts together today?” Sungmin suddenly invited. “Want to have a taste on how to get low cost contracts, Kyuhyun-ssi?”

The tone used was that of a challenge, and Kyuhyun always accepted challenges, especially now if they meant he would have Sungmin’s company. “I’ll accept. I’ll use this as a key to surpass you on the overall contracts signed.” Kyuhyun teased as they walked to Kyuhyun’s car. Without Kyuhyun seeing, Sungmin looked back at the coffee shop, now he couldn’t shake off the feeling that there was something wrong going on with Youngwoon.


Kyuhyun was simply to say overwhelmed by the sounds and liveliness of the marketplace, he had been way too used with the formal suits and private rooms from the companies he used to get contracts with. He actually felt amazed at how Sungmin could deal with all that so easily and he accepted that the older male was at another level. That day Kyuhyun only got three contracts signed and that was because Sungmin had kindly asked the people to deal the contracts with his partner too.

Close to three in the afternoon they had stopped and gotten to a small family restaurant that was specialized in korean beefs. “Sungmin! It’s been a while since I last saw you!” a middle aged woman greeted them as she looked kyuhyun over from head to toe.

“Been running around other districts, aunt, but you know I always come back for your special combo.” Sungmin retorted with a wide grin as he took a seat, pulling Kyuhyun to sit beside him and not opposite.

“Ah I see.” the woman retorted with a pensive tone as she served them a glass of water. When Kyuhyun was taking a sip the woman spoke again. “Are you dating guys now?” she asked straightforward and it caused Kyuhyun to choke in sudden embarrassment.

“Can't I come here with a friend?” Sungmin asked genuinely surprised. “Why do you go jumping to that conclusion?”

The woman smiled knowingly at the younger. “Sungmin, the only male that has ever come here with you is Youngwoon, but you tend to bring all of your girlfriends here so the deduction is pretty easy.”

Sungmin pouted. “Can’t I have other friends other than Youngwoon hyung? He is not my only friend you know?” Kyuhyun looked at the older male trying to understand why he was being so defensive and why it seemed that in here, he didn’t want to be in a relationship while elsewhere he would shamelessly address Kyuhyun as his boyfriend.

“Sure you can.” The woman replied with a smile. “Your usual?” she asked then and Sungmin nodded raising two fingers. “Two portions. I’m treating my friend today.”

The woman laughed after taking note of the order, once she was away, Kyuhyun asked what was bothering him and Sungmin just smiled slightly asking him to please just agree to be his friend while in there. He didn’t want to explain but the reason came putting their order on the table. “Sungmin oppa! When mom said you were here with a friend I just had to see it for myself.” she said also looking Kyuhyun over from head to waist since he was already seated.

“Your taste in males, is quite interesting.” She said once all plates were placed and then she actually took a seat with them. “Youngwoon oppa approved this?” she asked then with a wide grin looking from one male to the other. Sungmin sighed and opened his mouth to protest but she cut him. “Be honest and I might give you dessert.” Sungmin closed his mouth instantly and frowned as if torn in what to do.

“We’re playing a game to decide which one of us is the most sought out guy at the insurance company.” Kyuhyun decided to butt in. “But I don’t think Youngwoon-ssi would have to allow Sungmin to date anyone.”

“Omona no honorifics!” the girl suddenly said covering her mouth with a hand. “Lee Sungmin is really boarding his horizons.” She said grinning at them. “Well Mr. candidate for most sought out guy at the insurance company, Youngwoon oppa had been beside Sungmin oppa probably for the same amount of time that you exist in this world, if there is someone that worries about Sungmin oppa out of his family that’s raccoon oppa.” She explained her point but then smiled at Sungmin. “Beautiful oppa, no dessert for you today.” she then turned to Kyuhyun making herself even more comfortable at theri table. “What’s your name?”

“Cho Kyuhyun.” the younger replied quite surprised with her words. But then she was shooting a whole load of questions at him such as his hobbies, favorite books, what he did on his free time. At first she was not very pleased with his replies until he said his favorite game was starcraft, that had seemed to win her. But then again she suddenly turned to Sungmin and asked if she should bring another portion of meat, only then did Kyuhyun notice that his ‘boyfriend’ had already started eating while he was being scrutinized. Sungmin nodded cutely and the girl went away.

“Why are all the girls around you she-devils?” Kyuhyun asked then as he picked up his bow and picked some meat to eat.

“Do you know the saying: get a man by his stomach? That’s pretty much what they did.” Sungmin replied and Kyuhyun thought he understood what the older meale meant, he had never tasted such tender and delicious meat before. Not long after the girl was back with more grlled meat. “Oppa, the japanese restaurant you recommended on your blog is a good place for dates?” she asked then with a soft almost shy tone. Sungmin looked at her with a raised eyebrow. “Maybe for dinner yes, I don’t know, never been there on a date before.” Sungmin replied.

The girl bit her lips. “I’ll ask raccoon oppa then, he was the one finding the place, ne?” Sungmin simply nodded at her because his mouth was full. The girl then looked at Kyuhyun’s confused expression and added. “Beautiful oppa, since your boyfriend is so cute I’ll give him dessert.” she suddenly said bolting away.

Kyuhyun felt so to say baffled with the day he was having, somehow everyday he spent with Sungmin was like a new world was discovered. Sungmin was pouting when Kyuhyun looked over. “You have a blog?” the younger questioned quite curiously.

“Yeah, I love to eat if you have not noticed yet, so I know a lot of restaurants around the city, every time I find a new one I rate it on my blog.” Sungmin answered with a smile, it was clear that was a hobby Sungmin really liked.

Later on when dessert was served, only one portion for Kyuhyun, Sungmin watched with a pout as the younger picked up the spoon and took a taste of the treat. He moaned appreciatively completely understanding why the women in the restaurant seemed to taunt Sungmin with that. “They really got you by your stomach.” Kyuhyun commented giving the spoon to sungmin and pushing the dessert in his direction, clearly giving it to him. That had melted Sungmin’s heart a bit and it was very clear to Kyuhyun, he made a mental note to later check the blog to find out what were the places Sungmin liked the most.

After they paid and were ready to leave, someone pulled Kyuhyun’s collar shirt almost gagging him. “Hey boyfriend.” It was the daughter of the owner. “You passed my test, you hurt my Sungmin oppa, I’ll make sure you’ll meet hell. Other than that I approve of you.” She said with a smile showing a thumbs up, before waving at them.

Sungmin patted Kyuhyun’s lower back as some sort of comfort. “She threatened all my girlfriends too. Seoyeon is just a little bit over protective.”

“What is she to you actually?” Kyuhyun asked looking back over his shoulder at the restaurant.

“Childhood friend. She is Youngwoon’s second degree cousin actually, we pretty much grew up together because her parents used to take care of Youngwoon when he was a kid.” Sungmin explained before he pulled kyuhyun back into the market place for some shopping.

Youngwoon was starting to bother Kyuhyun.


The first thing kyuhyun did when he got home was look for Sungmin's blog, since the older male had given him instruction on how to find it, his search was quite fast. Kyuhyun frowned when he skimmed through the entries, all featured restaurants had been small family restaurants and they were scattered through all Seoul, Kyuhyun also noticed that pretty much half of the entries would start with 'hyung found another cool place' and some of the pictures were with the two childhood friends eating together.

At the list there was none of the places Kyuhyun had taken Sungmin to and it made the younger feel jealous, that was not a very good feeling if he was to think about their situation, but Kyuhyun was not thinking about it, he found himself wanting to take sungmin to places he would add to his blog as well.

From the list Kyuhyun made another small list of places he wanted to go with sungmin, he wanted to show the older male that he could enjoy those kind of places too and thus kyuhyun went on for a different approach, at first he had considered doing the usual, movie/dinner/shopping dates, but he already noticed those were not exactly what sungmin fancied.

So the next weekend and the next week were spent on lunches and dinners at family restaurants and dates at the park, either with them walking or riding bicycles, kyuhyun was starting to lose control of his emotions whenever he would see Sungmin smiling at him or at the scenery, and he found himself hoping that those smiles meant sungmin was also losing control over his.

Sungmin really never thought he would have so much fun with kyuhyun, the younger was very perceptive and easily did everything in his power to please Sungmin, it was something he could get used with, whenever he had dated before some girls would pamper him a bit too much, others accused him of not pampering them enough, with kyuhyun he didn't feel that kind of pressure, everything was pretty much natural, and slowly he would look at things and would know it would be something that would please Kyuhyun or it would be something that would fit him or not. Sungmin found himself naturally pampering Kyuhyun and being pampered back. It was a nice feeling and it was no longer the feeling of a game. Sungmin was no longer trying to seduce kyuhyun and like that their skinship diminished to brush of fingers and careful gazes showing that they cared for each other. They became friends and it was easy to see something more in the way they moved around each other.

Sungmin no longer called Youngwoon to hang out, and if it was not for the promise of sharing the Mondays, Youngwoon saw that he would be out of Sungmin's life easily like that. Even though when spending the day with Youngwoon, Sungmin was his usual bubbly clingy self, the feeling of being replaced in Sungmin’s heart was becoming unbearable. So he decided to give up.


"Hey, Min, can you talk for a bit?" Youngwoon asked on the third Sunday, over the phone, while Sungmin was arriving at an ice skating ring for a date with Kyuhyun.

"Is there anything wrong, hyung?" Sungmin asked back, feeling slightly worried with the sad tone to his friend's voice.

"Not really." Youngwoon replied. "I know you're going a field trip or somehting with kyuhyun this recess, but is our monday still up?" The older male asked and Sungmin thought he understood why Youngwoon seemed sad, Sungmin had forgotten to tell his friend he would travel, usually during that week the two of them would do charity together, but that year he decided to do something different and at that moment he felt like the worst friend for having Youngwoon know about his plans through third parties, it didn’t occur to him how Youngwoon had actually found out about his plans.

"Of course, hyung, what are the plans for tomorrow? Where shall we meet? I'm sorry for not telling you sooner I would be gone for the rest of the week, I was so focussed on booking things that I forgot." Sungmin replied as he waved to call Kyuhyun's attention as the younger had just arrived and was looking for him.

"I'll pick you up." Youngwoon's tone became sadder. "Min, are you happy?" The question got Sungmin slightly off guard. "What do you mean, hyung? Of course I'm happy. I have to hung up now though, call me later tonight, for you to tell me what we'll do tomorrow, ok? Later hyung." Sungmin said with a happy voice and added before he hung up. "You know I love you right, hyung? When I'm back I'll spend a whole week with you, I promise."

Youngwoon mumbled an ‘I love you too’ but his voice was still off. Sungmin had noticed his hyung had been growing sadder the past few days, but whenever sungmin directly spoke to him Youngwoon would smile and tell him everything was fine, he had pushed his worry aside because of that, but that Sunday he couldn't really focus on Kyuhyun because his thoughts kept drifting back to Youngwoon's sad tone.

"Today you are not really here, Min." Kyuhyun commented over their milkshake.

"It's nothing... Well I hope it's nothing I'm having an eerie feeling that something I won't like is going to happen." Sungmin retorted with a small pout, he tried to focus on his ‘boyfriend’ after that, he had managed, but when he got back home everything seemed just a little bit too silent, it was almost 10pm and Youngwoon had still not called.

Frowning at his phone Sungmin speed dialed his friend, his call was directly redirected to voicemail. "Hi! You've tried to reach Kim Youngwoon, but he is on a date with me at the moment, so better luck next time!" Sungmin frowned even more at his phone. That was Mina's voice. Was that a joke or was it for real? Sungmin felt his heart constrict in pain as he noticed his free time had all been given to Kyuhyun to the point of the name coming to his mind at the thought of best friend was no longer 'Youngwoon'.

Sungmin tried calling Youngwoon's home, at the third try someone picked up. "Kim Youngwoon speaking." The voice was groggy with sleepiness. "Hello? Who's calling?" Youngwoon asked getting a bit more awake, he asked that three more times before hanging up. Sungmin didn't know why he didn't speak back. Deep down he didn’t want to acknowledge what he was feeling.
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